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PersonaSmart is a model of human behavior based on a multilayered analysis of decision making. It goes well beyond “emotional driver” research or attitudinal analysis to apply a scientific and rigorous approach to understanding markets.

Within PersonaSmart we separate the elements of human decision making and tackle them logically, one by one:
  • Motivational Values – the fundamental needs of the personality that define personality types and have been validated on a global basis
  • Worldview – a slowly evolving idiosyncratic view of the world; how it works and how each individual can relate to it and get what they need from it
  • Heuristics (also known as Behavioral Economics) – algorithms and bias that we use to make decisions without engaging cognitive resources
  • Language – which develops and wraps itself around world view
  • Context – a major modifier of behaviors
We have developed a unique model of Motivational Values, Worldview and Heuristics; language and context need to be researched for each set of circumstances.
By engaging with us you can benefit from our research in this area, while saving time and money to achieve a deeper understanding of your customers, their unmet needs and their experience.
Contact us today for a presentation of the principles and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of this unique methodology in practice.
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