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Ultimate Reporting Trends – Going to the Movies

For research involving any type of qualitative or ethnographic methodologies, video clips have become a standard reporting tool. However, within the EU, the GDPR regulations have gutted our ability to use video material. How can we continue to develop and enhance reporting within privacy regulations? The answer may be surprising, and it involves going to the movies.

We have several research studios which double as video recording space. We have always offered clients optional documentary movies of research that involves significant video and webcam recording, but now we have a new use for this skill.

When we receive the transcripts of qualitative research and ethnographies conducted in the EU we can create a script and, using actors and actresses, record “respondents” describing their stories. This is particularly potent in market segmentation and patient journey. The cost is less than disguising face and voice on original videos and presents a high impact reporting modality.

Contact Kiran Palhan, Digital Marketing Associate to set up a discussion or a short webinar., 716-799-8244

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