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Standardized Market Segmentation Makes an Impact

One of Segmedica’s alternative approaches to attitudinal segmentation uses PersonaSmart® Health standardized psychometric models contextualized to a specific condition or situation. This approach can be used alone or combined with more traditional segmentation techniques.

This methodology uses a proven psychometric model for healthcare and wellness consumers as the basis for the segmentation in a quantitative survey which covers the condition or issue studied. It can be used by itself or incorporated into our twin approaches of traditional Attitudinal and Behavioral/Cluster segmentation and an innovative Needs Based/Choice model segmentation.

This methodology is specifically suited to retail, food and beverage, food service, hospitality and other industries which supply and serve the consumer with food and health and wellness products. PersonaSmart Health delivers superior actionable insights in segmentation, as a framework for customer experience studies and in product and service development.

Advantages include:

  • Less risk
  • Lower cost
  • Less time to completion
  • Crucial ability to acclimatize your internal clients to the segmentation before it is conducted
  • Across company understanding of market dynamics

Request our White Paper on alternative market segmentation techniques.

Contact, 716-799-8244 for a copy.

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