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SelfInspire® - Innovate through Creation by Your Respondents

Do you seek to conduct market research in a way that encourages free, honest language from your respondents? True uninhibited language and released energy combined to deliver hidden insights. Added benefit – unstructured context provides the social and psychological underpinnings of their decision-making processes.

The technique involves a small group of respondents, healthcare professionals, patients/consumers or mixed groups. They are given a series of tasks to perform without a moderator during the course of which they create a work product, present it and defend it. SelfInspire has proved itself as an insightful technique over a decade. Now it is harnessed with PracticeModality® and PersonaSmart™, our standardized personality-based segmentations of HCP and patients so that groups can be recruited with like personalities and groups can even interact with each other. These groups might be designing a perfect clinic visit or health plan features, contribute to patient experience studies or design optimum messaging. Contact Kiran Palhan, Digital Marketing Associate to set up a discussion or a short webinar on SelfInspire., 716-799-8244
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