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Segmedica to Present at Intellus WorldWide

Segmedica’s Dr. Barbara Haimowitz will be presenting HealthVoiceTM: Digging Deeper Into The Patient – Doctor Dialogue at the Intellus Worldwide Institute, in Boston Setember 27th.
The dialogue between the healthcare provider and patient is among the most critical interactions in the patient journey. It is an immediate opportunity for meaningful dialogue including explanation; diagnosis; listening; understanding the patient’s perspective; answering questions; providing informed medical advice; making treatment decisions; and preparing the patient for next steps. The quality of this dialogue is central to effective treatment decisions and outcomes as well as patient satisfaction. An effective dialogue shows that the HCP is clear and believable in their analysis of the patient’s concerns, giving reasons the patient should stay on the current path or change to another. When a patient feels the HCP has their best interest in mind, they will trust them in subsequent steps. If this sense of trust is absent, the patient is less likely to come to a consensus with the HCP or be compliant with treatment recommendations. Traditional market research techniques capture information in a setting far removed from the office visit. The authenticity of the dialogue cannot be captured through post-appointment interviews because the critical moment has long passed. Pharmaceutical companies can be more effective in designing communications if they understand both the content as well as the texture (e.g., emotions) of patient visits. Pharmaceutical companies engage Segmedica, a division of Research America Inc., to help them provide a window into intimate physician-patient discussions, with the goal to understand the deeper content and behavioral interaction between HCP and patient. Our HealthVoiceTM methodology helps to shape communications that emphasize approved drug positioning and messaging, while simultaneously giving the HCPs tools to provide empathy-filled feedback to patients. The analysis of the patient-doctor dialogue helps pharmaceutical companies, and their footprint HCPs provide thoughtful responses in sensitive diagnosis and treatment discussions. The analysis also provides support to HCPs in the management of patients’ strong feelings and concerns about self-image and quality of life after diagnosis. At its core, the HealthVoiceTM methodology generates HIPAA-compliant recordings of in-office patient visits followed by moderated interviews with HCPs and patients, the latter designed to understand take-aways and alignment on next steps. Generally, multiple analytical techniques are employed. These techniques include the Roter Analysis, Semantha™, a Segmedica-designed linguistic technique, content analysis, as well as a sentiment analysis.

Session Details:

HealthVoiceTM: Digging Deeper Into the Patient–Doctor Dialogue

Hilton Boston Logan

September 27th, 2023, 4:45pm

International Ballroom A-C

For more details on Intellus Worldwide  and to view the full agenda, please visit: or contact us with any questions you may have here.
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