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Do You Understand the Retail Healthcare Revolution?

While the US healthcare system is in political limbo the health and wellness consumer is moving forward, demanding more information and access to services.

The retail industry – specifically grocery, pharmacy and big box stores – is reacting to this opportunity with onsite clinics, dietitians, classes and other services.

We’re seeing just the beginning in the rise of the healthcare and wellness retail industry by organizations that already have the attention and trust of the public.

CVS is exploring treatment areas beyond basic primary services, such as in-home dialysis. Walmart is looking at reimagining their services with outparcel centers ranging from live entertainment to healthcare. Uber and Lyft are in patient transportation.

These moves are signs of a major strategy shift in retail to promote foot traffic in stores and to more closely link to customers. Already a significant part of US healthcare delivery, they will become your customers, with the acquisition of health plans and PBMs.

Healthcare Provider Groups and Health Plans have benefitted from these highly customizable studies, which are licensed along with a period of consulting time and an on-site presentation (travel costs charged). Understand the drivers and barriers for consumers using retail health clinics for their primary healthcare needs.

We’ll be glad to share additional details of our extensive ConnexionPoints® studies into retail healthcare and generational healthcare worldviews with you.

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