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Navigating COVID-19 The Journey


Review this slideshow of the COVID-19 patient journey/experience report to get a preview of the research insights and actionable results within the full report.

Navigating COVID-19 The Journey - Enterprise License

This includes an enterprise wide license for the full report which includes audio and video and a 90-minute online presentation with someone from our research team.

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This report focuses on how personality may influence one’s experience of the COVID-19 health crisis and will provide key insights into those differences in outlook as well as coping tactics.

Qualitative primary research with patients and healthcare providers is augmented by secondary research and compellingly presented with video.

The analysis is underpinned by xsperient’s groundbreaking PersonaSmart™ personality-based psycho-profiling tools to provide extraordinary insights and actionability for marketing and support programs.

For more information on the topic of COVID-19, please visit our Healthcare in America section which includes:

Changing Behaviors in the Face of a Global Health Crisis which applies our PersonaSmart™ personality-based tools to understand consumers’ response to COVID-19


Returning to Medical Facilities which details consumer and patient medical behaviors during the pandemic and their intentions towards returning to routine medical activities

Consumer Engagement with Alternative Healthcare Services


Review this slideshow of the Consumer Engagement with Alternative Healthcare Services report to get a preview of the research insights and actionable results within the full report.

COVID-19 has led to a rapid and creative expansion of telehealth and other alternative means of medical interaction. This means that the large number of patients who were not comfortable with tele-health and digital interactions before are now getting used to them. Will this last beyond COVID-19?

This new ConnexionPoints® report defines the psychology of comfort/discomfort with tele-health and digital healthcare interactions and provides valuable information for managing and marketing these services for maximum effect.

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